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Ibiza is an absolutely gorgeous Spanish island less than 100 miles off the coast of Valencia.  It is a part of a huge island chain,  and has been inhabited since at least 650 BC.  Through it’s history it has been a major trading centre, an important military port, and has been conquered many times by many groups.  Obviously this was the universe’s way of testing and forging the island into the clubbing capital of the world.


Don’t believe that Ibiza is a one trick pony though, there are things to be learned here.  The island itself is a Unesco World Heritage site.  Ibiza Town is built around the base of the medieval  fortress of Dalt Vila topped by a 14th century cathedral.  Dalt Vila translates as ‘upper town’, obviously creativity was not a priority back in the day.  Fortunately fortified long lasting construction was, and the cobbled streets are still surrounded on all sides by vast stone walls.


You gain entry to the upper town through the same gates that the invading mobs used to try to force their way into.  The citizens live and eat in medieval buildings, and the streets are a maze that is a pleasure to get lost in.


Ascending the hill can be done road by road or by the more direct tunnel route through the city walls.  Flaming torches would have been a nice touch, but the electric lights have probably saved a number of alcohol soaked tourists from third degree burns.  The tunnels lead through an archeological museum showing pieces throughout the history of the island.


On the top of the walls are a number of cannons and some pretty spectacular views.



With the history lesson out of the way let’s be honest, if you are going to Ibiza in the summer, you are going for the party.  Even if you wanted to avoid it you can’t.  Unless of course you get up in the morning, then you pretty much have the place to yourself.  The streets are deserted until mid-afternoon, but this makes complete sense when you find out the clubs don’t open until midnight and close at 7am.


The spectacular beaches do come to life over the course of the day, as the party crowd slowly drag themselves out of bed, and one way or another rid their bodies of the alcohol from the night before.  The beaches become even more attractive when the visitors arrive.   It’s like the most beautiful people from all around the world decided to meet on one small island in the middle of the Balearic Sea.   Some people would appreciate the nude aspect of the beaches, though of course I was far to sweet and innocent to have noticed.


In the evening is when Ibiza really starts to shines though.  The air stays warm, the sun starts to set and the walks get more romantic.  The partiers have returned to their hotels for a nap, pre-drinking and getting pretty for a long night out.   Its a perfect time to go for a swim or enjoy the quiet before the storm.


Or to have a nice dinner.  Spanish food is very underrated.  Fresh vegetables, seafood caught only hours before, and the paella, oh the paella.  It is so much better than any I’ve had outside of Spain.  Properly prepared as it was here, its unbelievable.


Finally there is the main event, the world famous clubs.  The best DJs converge to play shows that are sold out months in advance.  3 of the top 5 clubs on the planet are in Ibiza and we went to all 3 of them.

Space is an absolutely huge place, unbelievably so in fact.  Multiple rooms, multiple songs, if you don’t like one you just walk over to the next.   Amnesia is home to the foam party where the crowd is covered in suds by cannons from above.  Our favorite was Pacha, a maze of a club, with a restaurant, 5 different “rooms” and a rooftop patio.

DSCN3364 DSCN3359f  DSCN3359 DSCN3359b

The cover charge at each place was about 30 euros and drinks were almost 20 euros each.  Very expensive, but luckily the vodka lemons are much more vodka than lemon so it doesn’t take very many to be buzzing.  We had a great time even though waking up for our 1:00 PM flight was very hard.  We are way to old for this now, but it was definitely worth the trip.


I am also going to add a picture of this building, because I really liked it!


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